About Us

A Love for Creating Compelling Stories
I can remember in my childhood listening to CHLO radio in St. Thomas and wondering what it was like to work at the station and be a personality at the station. I loved the way in which they brought the headlines, interviews and interesting stories to listeners in a way that made you easily see what was going on with your imagination.
I later got a chance to try out the role of storyteller in radio during my short highschool stint of Co-Op as an intern at the then CFHK 103.1 The Hawk that replaced CHLO AM 1570 in the early 1990’s. It was an eye opener to see the technological way in which the hosts, operators and station staff all worked together to create their programming.
This led my brother and I to create “Archer Productions” and later shortened to “ArcPro” and later “ArcPro HD”. It was a joy to cover the various events, interview interesting community members and produce coverage of local events. It was a labour of love to start but eventually built into a business I love doing every day.
We now utilize HD equipment from end to end to make sure the visuals we create are stunning regardless of the delivery medium; online, portable, broadcast or whatever is created next.
I would love to discuss with you the needs of your video content creation. We can put a package together for short form or long form video, live streaming, sports production and more.
Have a great day. Talk to you soon.
Roland Archer